Idioms – part 1 – lesson ideas for B1/B2 students

Wikipedia states that there are about 25,000 idiomatic expressions in the English language. They say that what really gives the language its character is its idioms. Contrary to this statement, I cannot find many materials for teaching idioms, especially in popular coursebooks. Moreover, the other day I realized that on my blog there is no single article which would relate to this topic area. It motivated me to come up with my first idea for teaching ten popular idioms to B1/B2 students. I hope that both teachers and their learners will find it useful and entertaining.

1. Students study ten different idioms through example sentences. Then they match the idioms with their definitions.

Ten idioms with – worksheet (printable)

2. Students compete in the ‘Kahoot Idiom Quiz’.

Ten idioms with – KAHOOT


Ten idioms with – QUIZ (printable) 

3. Students create ‘Wheel Decide’ idiom stories.

Split your learners into small groups and ask one student in each group to use Wheel Decide and select three different idioms. Students in every group are supposed to write a short story applying the idioms they’ve selected.

4. Students play ‘Idioms Pictionary Game’.

It is an easy game to play. A student is drawing pictures in order to make his or her team guess the idiom he/she has selected. Prepare two five-card sets of idioms for each team. The group which is faster to guess all five idioms wins the competition. It is a good game to finish the lesson.

kill time be a tough cookie
be over the moon the ball is in your court
be in hot water chase rainbows
burn the candle at both ends live from hand to mouth
kill two birds with one stone pull the wool over sb’s eyes

Idioms Pictionary Game – cards


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