Past simple or present perfect?

Gap-fill exercise

1. He just (come) back from a long trip around Armenia.
2. I can’t buy any fruit. I (forget) my purse!
3. They (order) the meal an hour ago.
4. He never (see) such a deep and picturesque gorge before.
5. Many years ago Mount Ararat (belong) to Armenia. Now it is placed within the Turkish territory.
6. When she was a child, her grandma (bake) such traditional bread every Friday.
7. Michael and Eve (travel) by bikes all over the world. Last year they (visit) Armenia.
8. you ever (try) traditional Turkish coffee?
9. A: Where’s Sue? B: She (go) to church.
10. After the wedding ceremony, they (go) to Paris where they spent their honeymoon.