1. The temperature exceeded 40 degrees. It was the (hot) day during their trip.
2. Last year the winter was (nice) and (long) than this year.
3. Built in 1585 the Spaniards Inn is one of the (old) pubs in London.
4. The amazing (amazing) souvenirs in that shop were the colourful graters on display.
5. It was the (bad) gift I’ve ever got from Mark. I’m afraid he has no taste at all.
6.The red panniers are definitely (heavy) than the blue ones.
7. I became interested in photography a few years ago. My first camera was much (bad) than my new Canon 5D.
8. It’s the (big) egg I’ve ever seen. I wonder how it was made.
9. The Beatles store was one of the (good) shops I visited in London.
10. The masks I saw in China Town were (beautiful) than the ones we bought in a supermarket. Anyway, I hope we will enjoy the Chinese New Year parade.