1. At a shoe shop

Shop assistant: Can I help you?
Customer: Yes, please. ?
Shop assistant: They’re £40.
Customer: ?
Shop assistant: Yes, of course.

after a while…

Customer: , I’m afraid. Can I get a larger size, please?
Shop assistant: Of course. Here you are.

a bit later…

Customer: They’re perfect. I’ll have them.
Shop assistant: That’s £40. How would you like to pay?
Customer: .

2. Making a complaint

Customer: Excuse me. I bought this calculator yesterday, but it doesn’t work.
Shop assistant: I understand. It comes with one year guarantee. , please?
Customer: Yes. Here you are.
Shop assistant: That’s fine. Would you like for another one or you prefer a refund?
Customer: I’d prefer a refund.
Shop assistant: All right then. That’ll be £10 refund. .

3. Getting a discount

Shopkeeper: ?
Customer: I’m looking for an evening dress. A week ago I saw a beautiful red one in the window but I can’t see it now.
Shopkeeper: Ah, yes, I’m afraid right now. But I think I’ve got something nice for you. this one on?
Customer: It looks good. Where’s the ?
Shopkeeper: It’s over there.

a bit later…

Customer: It’s more expensive than the other one.
Shopkeeper: Yes, but it really and the colour your eyes.
Customer: Hmm, I don’t know.
Shopkeeper: I think I could give you 15% . It’s a real .
Customer: All right, then. I’ll have it.
Shopkeeper: That’ll be £64 altogether. ?
Customer: Do you take credit cards?
Shopkeeper: Certainly.