1. Almost all the in London are red and they’re named .
2. If you want to get to the Statue of Liberty you need to take the .
3. In New York they call it the subway whereas in London it is called the .
4. He loves cycling and, as the city centre is overcrowded during the rush hours, he gets to work by .
A: I hate flying. It seems to me that travelling by is not safe enough.
B: I don’t think you’re right. There are many more accidents on the roads than in the air.
6. It’s only fifteen minutes’ walk from here. You can go on then.
A: What time is the next ?
B: It leaves in ten minutes from platform three.
8. Would you, please, call a for me? I need to get to the airport as quickly as possible.
9. In Amsterdam, one of the can’t-miss experiences is travelling the canals by . Some of the are real homes on water.
10. Don’t you think that before you buy a you should get a driving licence first?