At Glasgow Central Station

A: How much is a to Edinburgh?
B: £12.00, please.
A: . What time is the next train?
B: It in fifteen minutes from 3.
A: Is it direct or will I need to ?
B: It’s direct.
A: Thank you.
B: .

At an airport information desk

A: Excuse me, where can I find the desk for a flight to Madrid?
B: It’s over there, number 3. It’s going to in ten minutes.
A: How much can I take with me?
B: One piece of hand baggage not 10 kilograms. If it weighs more, you’ll be charged an extra .
A: And what about the checked baggage?
B: Its must not exceed 30 kilograms.
A: Are there any restaurants or bars in the departure ?
B: Yes, there are a few bars and some shops.
A: Thank you very much.
B: You’re welcome.