alien      bat      fairy      ghost      goblin      monster      owl      scarecrow      skeleton      spider      vampire      werewolf      witch   
– It’s a woman with magic powers. She flies on a broomstick and usually wears a black cloak and pointed hat.

– It’s a spirit of a dead person. It can haunt the house the dead person used to live in.

– It looks like a human but it’s a body of a dead person believed to leave its grave at night to drink the blood of the living. It has got long pointed canine teeth used to bite people’s necks.

– It’s a mammal with wings. It’s very active at night.

- It’s a nocturnal bird with large eyes. It hunts small mammals, insects and other birds.

– This is a person who changes into a wolf when there is a full moon.

- It’s a creature with a strange or frightening appearance.

– This is a creature from another world.

– It’s a mischievous, ugly and dwarf-like creature. It plays tricks on people.

– All the bones of a body form this.

– It is usually an object made out of sticks and old clothes, used to scare birds away from crops.

– It’s a small but quite scary animal which makes webs for trapping insects.

– This is a small woman-like creature with magical powers. She can put magic spells on people.