Halloween customs and traditions

1. Children, disguised as witches, ghosts or monsters, go from door to door, knock on the door or ring the bell and when the door opens they yell: ‘!’ The owners of the house are supposed to give the children a treat – that is some sweets or money. If they don’t, the children will play a trick on them.

2. The tradition of carving was brought to America by the Irish. That is a pumpkin with cut out eyes, nose and mouth and a candle inside. The Halloween lanterns were originally made from large turnips, beets or swedes before the well known pumpkin came to Europe from America.

3. is a popular Halloween game. You need a large bowl filled with water and a few apples which float in the water. The task is to pick up the apples with your teeth only. After that, you need to peel the apple in one unbroken strip and throw it over your left shoulder. The letter the peel forms is the first letter of your future husband or wife's name.

4. Another Halloween custom is . You place two nuts, such as conkers, on a fire. Before that, you need to give the nuts the names of two possible lovers. The one which cracks first will be the one.

5. Every year in Ireland on Halloween Night people make traditional in hope that the sun will burn brightly again after a long and gloomy winter.