1. I this pumpkin to make a jack-o’-lantern for Halloween.
2. We didn't anything special at the local market. Just some fruit and vegetables.
3. It a wonderful autumn day. We didn’t all the castles in the Polish Jurassic Highland but we the picturesque ruins of the Mirów castle.
4. We also the newly reconstructed Bobolice castle and a traditional dinner in the nearest restaurant.
5. That day early in the morning. We didn’t breakfast. Hungry and still sleepy, we our backpacks and off for another journey.
6. What souvenirs did you in Greece? Did you your holiday there?
7. While she was reading a newspaper, she a strange noise in the distance.
8. It’s getting colder and colder every day. Yesterday the temperature was below 0 degrees Centigrade, so I to buy a warm hat.
9. We in a hurry so we a taxi and there as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we didn’t enough time to take pictures .
10. While walking in the park, he on the bench and then asleep.