bald      beard      curly      freckles      head      middle-aged      moustache      teeth      toe      well-built      wrinkle   
1. Her hair isn’t straight. It’s .
2. If she were a man, she would have a or a .
3. Tom goes to the gym four times a week. He isn’t slim but he’s .
4. When he was young he used to have long hair. Now he’s and doesn’t need to go to the hairdresser.
5. Brenda’s white look brilliant with her dark skin.
6. In winter she always puts on a warm hat on her . She doesn’t want to get cold.
7. Her complexion is really pale and she gets a lot of in summer.
8. My mum uses a special anti- cream for night. She says she needs it to nourish her face skin.
9. Touch your nose with your finger. Easy, isn’t it? But now, touch your nose with your !
10. Brian is 42, so he’s a gentleman.