appointment      aspirin      blood      disease      flu      hay fever      headache      medicines      patients      runny nose      sick      sore throat      stomach ache      suffers      toothache   
1. I think the chicken salad wasn’t fresh. That’s why he feels and has a .
2. Her life is really difficult in spring when some trees and grass produce a lot of pollen. She from that kind of allergy which causes .
3. I really need to go to the dentist. I’ve god a bad .
4. A and high temperature. It’s a typical throat inflammation.
5. I must buy another packet of tissues. I’ve got a cold and a .
6. The best way to overcome your splitting is to take an and go to bed.
7. A: I’ve got a bad cough and I ache all over.
B: It looks like ordinary .
8. I want to know what my group is.
9. My grandma suffers from a very serious . Every day she needs to take lots of .
10. Mr. Sulema is a very good paediatrician. He’s got lots of .
11. I need to make an with Dr Kozlovsky.