black eye      broke      bruises      burn      cut      electric shock      faint      hit      sunburn      twisted   
A: Why am I bleeding?!
B: You’ve your finger.
2. It was yesterday. When we were playing football, Mark kicked Peter and his leg.
3. Don’t touch that pot! It’s very hot and you can your hand.
4. Oh no! Look at Dean’s ! They have been fighting again!
5. What happened?! Your legs are covered in !
6. While Colin was cycling yesterday, he fell off his bike and his ankle.
7. It’s really hot and stuffy in here. I’m afraid, I’m going to .
8. You are not allowed to touch that wire. If you touch it, you may get an .
A: Why did you put a bandage on your head?
B: I my head against the door and cut myself right above my left eyebrow.
10. She got a at the beach. Fortunately, it’s not serious.