come      did      doing      emerged      had      happened      having      knocked      laying      looked      rang      saw      shining      sitting      started      thinking      thought      was      was knocking      was looking      was seeing      were      were coming      woke   
1. It was late at night and it was dark but the moon was slightly. Pete was cycling through the forest when suddenly a strange man with a long beard from the shadows.
2. While Tina was a bath the doorbell and somebody on the door. She didn’t except anyone.
3. The MacKellahs in the kitchen. Mr MacKellah his dinner and was about to play with their little daughter while his wife was the table. Everything seemed so perfect. But it?
4. It yesterday afternoon. The road was full of cars with people who back from work. At about 3 o’clock it to snow. In two hours all the cars were stuck.
5. So, Mr Pazlowski, what you yesterday at 5 p.m.? It was when your wife disappeared and no one has seen her since then.
6. The sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Jake up so early because somebody on the door.
7. He in the mirror and a man with a gun in his hand.
8. Sara for the key when she realised that the front door was open!
9. It was late on Monday evening and after he his homework, Mark wanted to call his dad. He didn't back from work at the usual time.
10. While Lucia was in the park Mark called her but she didn’t answer. She had left her mobile at home. She was of what had happened the day before.
11. Joshua his wife her friend Marta, but when he came in he saw his wife was lying on the sofa. She was dead.