art gallery      bank      cafe      church      hospital      library      pharmacy      post office      railway station      school      sports centre      Stadium      supermarket      town hall      zoo   
1. There’s only one in my town and it closes soon. You must hurry up if you want to send this postcard today.
A: I’ve got a splitting headache and I’ve run out of my painkillers.
B: Shall I go to the and get some?
3. Every Friday after work I go to the nearest . I buy lots of food, some cartons of juice and a few bottles of water.
4. I’ve got two tickets for a fantastic photo exhibition in our . Will you come with me?
A: It isn’t easy to keep fit in winter.
B: Why don’t you start going to the gym in the newly opened ?
6. If you already finished reading these books, take them back to the . Otherwise, you’ll get a fine.
A: Do you feel like a piece of cake with a coffee?
B: I’d love to. Is there a good near here?
8. Yesterday Tom had a car accident. Fortunately, he’s ok but must stay in for a couple of days.
9. I’d like to open another account. I need to go to the .
10. This building, which is located at the market square, used to be a until 1956.
11. There are some new animals in the . Would you like to go and see them on Saturday?
12. Every week he attends Sunday morning service at the .
13. Let’s go to the . I must find out what time the last train to Warsaw leaves.
14. If you want to get to this , you have to pass a very difficult exam.
15. They gave a great gig at the Millenium last Saturday.