application      colleague      get promoted      in charge      job adverts      long hours      part-time      pay rise      pensioner      salary      serve      shift      underpaid      unemployed      unemployment benefit   
1. Tim earns a living as a lawyer. Every month he gets a high .
2. She works on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. She’s got a job.
3. After Mark got fired, he became .
4. Sophie often comes back from work really late. She works .
5. A: Who’s that man over there?
B:That’s my .
6. A: What do you do at work?
B: I’m a waitress. I customers in a hotel restaurant.
7. If our boss doesn’t give us a , we’ll go on strike.
8. Your project’s results are really impressive. It’s possible that next year you’ll .
9. My father is of this company. He’s got twenty five workers.
10. After you get retired, you become a .
11. I don’t want to live on . I must find a job as quickly as possible.
12. If you want to find a job, start with reading in the local newspaper.
13. Before you are invited to a job interview, you need to send off two papers – your CV and your .
14. Nowadays a lot of people are or they are unemployed.
15. I work night twice a week. It’s really tiring as I have to work 12 hours nonstop.