’s starting      finish      go      going      listen      looks      'm finishing      'm listening      's looking      's speaking      speak      start   
1. Every Friday Marta and Zuzia to the local library to borrow a new book. They love reading.
A: Wait! Where are you ? B: To the train station.
3. Leah wears smart clothes. She always perfect.
4. Tom is unemployed. He for a job now.
5. Stanley is busy right now. He to Leslie.
6. Be quiet! I to the news.
7. On Thursdays I school at 14.00.
A: Where’s the report? B: It’ll be ready in a few minutes. I it.
9. I to rock and pop and I don’t mind folk music.
10. What time does the film ?
11. Look at the clouds. It to rain.
12. How many foreign languages does he ?